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We all have what we need inside of us to remove much of the pain from our daily lives, so we can find balance and live joyful and peaceful lives. We are capable of attracting to ourselves that which we desire. With the right knowledge and tools, our lives can overflow with Love, and spiritual as well as material abundance. But before we can enjoy the blessings life has in store for us, we need to know what we want and what those tools are that the Universe provides, which will help us achieve our goals.

Life is Not a Candy Store: It’s the Way to the Candy Store helps young readers do both: find a higher purpose for being and doing things, and them the tools to do those things successfully. Barnes & Nobel 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Author                   "Tal Yanai created a unique and interesting format in this books where he speaks directly to the reader, engages the reader in the discussions, embraces your differences, allows you to self question while helping each of us travel down that road called LIFE! Read the book. Then reread it again. Hear the voice of the author. Listen to God and understand life is much more than instant gratification or feeding off of the pain of others. I love his stories; his examples and I do have a sense of humor that keeps me going. "  Fran Lewis Author, Book Reviewer